Women of the Diocese of the Rio Grande

"Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same lord; and there are varieties of working, but it is the same God who inspires them all in everyone." (1 Corinthians 12:4-6)

“The mission of the Women of the Diocese of the Rio Grande is to connect and support all women in their diverse ministries. We do this by offering opportunities to gather for studying, re-creating, and celebrating who we are as women of Faith, Hope and Love.”

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Long and Winding Road

On March 21 over 40 women gathered at St. Andrew’s in Roswell for the annual Lent Retreat with Bishop Vono. Attendees came from Farmington and Alpine, Alamogordo and Albuquerque, as well as Roswell, Ruidoso, and Carlsbad. Many participants gathered at the Pittman’s the lovely home on Friday evening for informal fellowship with one another and Bishop Vono. It was a beautiful way to set the stage for the retreat on Saturday.

The Bishop’s retreat focus was living and sharing our faith in Lent and beyond. He used the Beatle’s song Long and Winding Road as a starting point. Via a form of Judaic Midrash Bishop Vono introduced the familiar stories of Moses and Paul and Jesus’ Baptism. Participants shared where they found Christ-like Grounding in Holy Ground such as Moses experienced. Bishop Vono encouraged conversation about hearing the Christ-Like Voice that calls us Beloved and into communion with one another. He guided the group to consider how being ‘knocked off our horse’, like St. Paul, can actually be part of the ‘long and winding’ journey to wholeness. The conversation was lively during the discussion time as the women discovered similarities, and differences, in story and experience. 

Bishop Vono asked us to remember that scripture points us to the Divine-human relationship. There are many times when we find ourselves standing on Holy Ground, like Moses at the burning bush. We can then chose to hide our face or to say ‘yes’ to God. Our baptism is the start of the journey during which we make or become a home for God through ever deepening hospitality. God’s hospitality is in us and we must imitate that hospitality and be living water to one another. Baptism is the doorway to God because there is no veil or barrier any longer between us and God. In fact, God de-lights in us and animates us with the light of Christ. God calls us ‘Beloved’. Sometimes we are knocked off our horse, like Paul. In those times, we can discover that the experience and through the Cross we are not really broken, but actually made whole.  

During a delicious salad luncheon, Shelly Currier shared how listening to and obeying the call of God has led her to a ministry very different from her training in nursing. She is the director of WINGS for LIFE in Roswell. These programs include work with children and families, esp. those who are at risk. The ministry is done in schools, through after-school programs, and even in the jail. WINGS for LIFE is a part of the international WINGS Ministry organization (wingsministry.org), which started in New Mexico 20 years ago. Women attending the retreat contributed craft supplies to WINGS for LIFE. 

It was a time of deep sharing, great fellowship, good food (thanks Julian of Norwich Chapter of the Daughters of the King), and  deep learning. 

You can view the videos of the Bishop’s talks on the Women's Ministry YouTube Channel.